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The BEE - Orbeeanna Cosplay by IvieeNova

written by IvieeNova - Photos by ShotbyDelaney

League of Legends has been my favorite game since I got my first computer in middle school. I've always really admired the character design and the moment I saw Orbeeanna I knew I wanted to recreate her look and her little bee friend!

The very first thing I started building for this cosplay was her orb which was a literal bee! This prop is pretty much just all foam spheres and fur trim. It is now my most prized possession because of it's overload of cuteness!!

Currently I'm planning to make some more upgrades to be convention ready. I'll be constructing a beehive remote control car to help float the Bee, as well as recreate the mini bee inside the current bee!

Overall I'm super happy with how this cosplay turned out c:

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