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Cosplayer and Creator

IvieeNova is a professional cosplay model based out of Michigan, but often travels around the United States for conventions, special events, collaborations, and more! Iviee is available for Modeling, Advertising, Marketing, Video, Print, Booth Attending, Cosplay Guest, Special Events, Mascot, Character Impersonation, Parties, and Photography. Visit the contact to reach out!


A jack of all trades, Iviee dabbles in everything! She is a prop maker, seamstress, self-portrait photographer, set maker, twitch streamer, and content creator. She has developed a love for creating large costumes and props such as her Poison Ivy costume! Iviee creates cosplays from many different genres of media such as comic books, anime, video games, and so much more! Some of the frequent fandoms she cosplays from is League of Legends, DC, and My Hero Academia. Iviee's passion of cosplay comes from her want to inspire others. Whether this is to help others pursue the art of cosplaying or just putting a smile on someone's face c:

Iviee loves bringing her favorite designs to life whether that is sewing costumes, commissioning artists, or creating props! Cosplaying has always been a creative outlet for her and pushed her to test her limits when it comes to creating. Over the few years she has cosplayed, Iviee has worked towards learning new ways to create cosplays and photography sets. Within the past year, she has really focused her skills towards building large props such as a a giant hammer based around Harley Quinn from the DC Universe, Riven's spirit blossom sword, Orbeeanna's bee orb, and Nidalee's classic spear from League of Legends, and wings based off of Charizard from Pokémon! As Iviee expands her knowledge and love for cosplaying, she continues to meet other cosplayers and photographers in her community to share each others creative ideas and find new ways to improve her work.


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